The Wasted Wit

Musings of an Oregon Country Girl

Angela Byers
29 October 1969
The Wasted Wit?

It's a running joke between my hubby (unbeliever64) and I. Although you might not know it, I can be rather witty and funny -- seriously! :) The thing is, I am not an extroverted person and unless I am around very close friends/family I tend to listen more than talk. In private when I come up with rather funny bits of wit and no one is around to appreciate it, we call it "Wasted Wit". Add to that the fact that I take a lot of prescription drugs, and you have "The Wasted Wit". :)

Who am I?

I was born and raised an Oregon-Country-Girl -- much to the continuing shock of my Big-City (Houston) hubby. But he saw the light and eventually ended up in rural Oregon!

I graduated in 1992 from Oregon State University with a Political Science degree that I actually put to use and worked at the State legislature for a while. Then I did a few years at the Salem newspaper until my medical problems began to interfere with working. I am now on disability with a whole host of medical problems -- some of them rather rare!
  • Kienbock Disease: A rare disease where the Lunate bone in your wrist dies and other bones move out of place. For more info: http://www.kienbock.com.

  • Keratoconus: An eye disorder that occurs when the normally round cornea becomes thin and irregular (cone) shaped. Eventually leads to blindness that can be fixed with a Cornea Transplant -- I had mine in 2002.

  • Fibromyalgia (FMS): A widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder for which the cause is still unknown. Causes pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons – the soft fibrous tissues in the body.

  • Other Problems: Irregular Heartbeat & Restless Leg Syndrome
Despite all this I tend to be an annoyingly optimistic person and depression has never been a problem for me. Sure I get grumpy with pain flare ups, but overall I tend to have a good outlook

At the end of 1999 I met the love of my life the way all true computer geeks should -- via an online personal ad! I knew from the day we met that he was the guy for me. We bought our house in 2001 and got married in 2002. We don't have any kids (yet!) but we do have two little babies -- our Beagle Buttercup and our cat Cally Coe.

Since I am not working I do some volunteer work. I am the Webmaster + "doer of misc things no one else wants to do" of our Secular Humanist Group Corvallis Secular Society. Plus, I am the Box Office Manager for our local community theater Albany Civic Theater.

All that, along with the daily grind of life, pretty much keeps me WAY to busy!

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