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Angela Byers
29 October 2010 @ 02:38 am

Angela Byers
As you all know, my blood test numbers were horrible at the height of my illness. Nearly every number in the danger zone. But, as the fluid came off, the numbers fell back into the normal range. As of 8 weeks ago every number was perfect, except for one...

Because of all the extra pressure on my heart, the doctors feared permanent damage. They are able to do a blood test that shows the current heart failure numbers. The normal range for this is 1-100. At my sickest my number was 4000. Which is why they all thought I was at deaths door.

A month after I was home this number came down to 2500. So we feared permanent damage.

But alas, as so often has happened in my happy little tale, something wonderful has occurred...

Today my current heart failure number is 15. That's no typo! One-Five! Everyone is shocked, especially me! My doctors are thrilled.

The other interesting news is that my heart -- which is in a permanent irregular beat -- has had 2 short episodes of converting back to normal for about 4-6 minutes. Dare I dream this too will come back to normal?!

Angela Byers
13 July 2010 @ 03:40 pm
Still feeling GREAT and getting better.

Here's a visual of how much I've changed so far!

I'm wearing the same glasses and earrings in both pics. Sorry about the hat, but about 60% of my hair fell out -- no bald spots, just lots of thinning all over. Doc says it was from the poor health and thyroid not working. It's starting to grow back now! :)

Angela Byers
19 May 2010 @ 10:22 am
Story Here

The Texas Board of Education is poised to vote this week on new social-studies curriculum standards that could significantly shape what Texas children — and perhaps those outside the nation's second-largest state — are taught in the classroom.

Social conservatives on the 15-member Republican-dominated board are optimistic they will be able to push through curriculum changes that according to board members “promote patriotism.”

Among the recommendations facing a final vote:
— Adding language saying the country's Founding Fathers were guided by Christian principles
— Including positive references to the Moral Majority, the National Rifle Association and the GOP’s Contract with America.
— Minimize Thomas Jefferson's role in world and U.S. history because he advocated the separation of church and state.
— Require that students learn about "the unintended consequences" of affirmative action
— Assert that "the right to keep and bear arms" is an important element of a democratic society
— Rename the slave trade to the "Atlantic triangular trade.”

The board holds a final public hearing Wednesday. It will consider amendments Thursday before a final up-or-down vote Friday on the curriculum document.

I know!

— Let's rename the Holocaust to "That Incident with the Jews"
— The Woman's Right movement to "Those Uppity Bitches"
— Labor Union movement to "Those Communist Sympathizer"

Hey this is EASY! And FUN!

Angela Byers
28 March 2010 @ 11:18 pm
I'm still in the Care Center. Feeling MUCH better. I've lost 157 pounds so far -- WHEW! I hope to go home at the end of the week. I NEED to go home.

Thanks to all for your kind words, thoughts, cards, flowers and just all out support for Reed and I.

I need to sleep now. More to come....

Angela Byers
17 December 2009 @ 09:37 am
I am doing MUCH better -- Yay! There is still some small adjustments in my meds, but I think they FINALLY have a clue what is wrong. Since I started on my Thyroid supplement, I have much more energy. The really weird thing is my appetite is nearly nonexistent and I don't eat a lot. Before, it seemed like I was always hungry and could easily eat a large meal. Now, I can barely eat 25% of that same meal. After Halloween we had bunch of extra candy and picked out my favorites to save for treats. A year ago I'd probably have eaten 8-10 pieces a day, and today I average 1-2 pieces a day. I just don't have the food cravings like I use to. I assume all that's due to the Thyroid.

While I am thrilled they finally figured out it was my thyroid, I am ticked that it took the so long. They estimate the thyroid has been bad for 2-3 years. It should not have taken so long!

In addition to the Thyroid meds, I am taking new meds that flushes extra salt out of my system. I am finally getting rid of all that extra water weight. I would estimate that between water and weight loss, I have probably lost at least 35 pounds. Maybe even more.

Tomorrow I go see my doctor for a checkup. He'll do new blood tests and such. Overall I expect a good report.

So, while i am still not 100% -- I'd say 50% :) The good thing news is I am feeling better and things are looking good! :)

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Angela Byers
30 October 2009 @ 09:38 pm
After all this time I think we might be getting somewhere with all my medical problems. I have been getting worse and VERY frustrated. Over the past couple months I have swollen up with excess water. Plus in the past couple years I have put on weight even though I have been eating healthy. Add to that the whole "not digesting protein" problem and I've been a mess!

After tests and more tests and even more tests, the doctors have found a couple problems.

First of all, is the gland in my head that regulates the amount of salt that my body retains isn't working right. The gland is telling my body to hold onto excess salt and therefore I have all this bloating. I've been on the drug to fix this for a couple days and early results are promising.

Second of all it turns out my Thyroid Gland is basically not working. The doctor called me this morning and said my Thyroid levels were VERY VERY low. Reed picked up the Thyroid drugs today, along with additional Percocet -- because all these problems are causing me a great deal of pain.

Overall, it looks like we’re making progress!
Angela Byers
26 June 2009 @ 07:24 pm
After over seven long years of silence, my biological mother has contacted me -- in one of the most weirdest ways possible. She sent me some flowers -- roses and violets. Attached was a note: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, It's been a long time, and I sure miss you!" *rolling my eyes*

Hmm.....let's see -- why did I break off contact?
  1. She married a child molester who assaulted me. She then got furious when I refused to have him at my wedding.

  2. She refused to attend my wedding. Partly due to reason #1, but mostly because I had an Atheist wedding.

  3. She treated me like crap for 30 years.

  4. Many, many other reasons....
I have no desire to have contact with her.

I will enjoy the flowers, after all it's not their fault! :) Reed suggested that after the flowers die, I should mail them back to her with a note that says "Thanks for the flowers. I'm done with them now, just like I am done with you." HA! I like that idea! :)

Angela Byers
11 June 2009 @ 02:32 pm
I'm in the process of having many medical tests done.

The latest is a heart test called a MUGA scan. I just called to schedule the appointment. They were apologetic because they had to put the test off until late next week.

Until then, they are low on radioactive isotopes.

Angela Byers
18 May 2009 @ 05:16 pm
As many of you know I've had health problems a lot in the past six months. On Sunday I ended up calling my doctor's office and the doc on call was nice enough to meet me in the office. He's a very thorough doc and asked lots of questions while looking over all my records -- yay for electronic medical records!

He found something interesting -- seems like I have a rather bad protein deficiency. Albumin (blood protein) levels should be between 3.5 - 5.0. About 9 months ago my levels fell below 3.5 and have continued to fall since then. As of my tests 3 weeks ago I was at 3.1 -- the doc said that was about a 20% deficiency. About 9 months ago I switched to a nearly all Vegetarian diet -- I LOVE protein, it just stopped loving me! :) While in Texas last month I ate lot of protein and after a few days made myself sick.

Early signs of protein deficiency I have:
"Lines" in finger nails
Edema (Swelling)
Fatigue, erratic sleep -- My insomnia last week!
Heart arrhythmias
Muscle cramps

For now this means protein powder and protein bars added to my diet. I'm anxious to see how much the added protein helps me!